south jersey professional photographer scott mahrer

Self Portrait

Perspectives-Photography by Mahrer now brings Fine Art Photographer Scott Mahrer to the world of Wedding, Senior, Event and Portrait Photography. His is an artistic approach to photography. Scott has always worked his camera with the goal of finding a different perspective of the familiar. With weddings, Scott realizes that he is working to create your very first family heirloom – your wedding album! In shooting seniors, Scott’s goal is to create an artistic and distinctive set of images.

Artistic. Creative. Different. These all describe Perspectives-Photography by Mahrer.

“My eye is attracted to details others might dismiss: the texture of a rose petal, the contrast of highlight and shadow, the detailed work of an older building or the visual compositions found all around us. The images found in my fine art portfolio represent over thirty years of ongoing work. I am always seeking out new photographs waiting to be captured, and plan to continue to add to my collection.” — Scott Mahrer